By Atty. Rex R. Ami, Site Author/Manager

Civil Service Guide is a compilation of legal and administrative issuances that relate to or affect civil service in the Philippines. The files contained therein were mostly downloaded from websites of various government agencies. The bulk of the issuances are taken from the Civil Service Commission (CSC), being the constitutional body mandated to administer civil service in the country. Civil Service Guide is not an official repository; The government agencies remain to be the official custodians of their respective issuances.

The project was brought about by the challenges faced by the site author in performing legal research as a legal officer of CSC Regional Office I. He would often take a lot of time looking for civil service issuances that can be applied to the cases he handles. Even if he has already found one, he would still have to check if there is a more recent related issuance. He also tends to forget the citation and location of the references he has read: He would remember that a particular issuance exists but cannot exactly recall what issuance that is or where it can be found. It has to be noted that there are thousands of civil service-related issuances promulgated by the different agencies of the government.

To address these difficulties, the site author came up with the idea of collecting and organizing pertinent rules, regulations, policies, and guidelines, including statutes and jurisprudence. A database that can easily be searched was thereafter created. Initially, CSC Memorandum Circulars from 1990 to 2015 are uploaded. The database is growing as it is being updated and populated continuously and regularly by the site author.

One of the significant features of the website is the use of tags, which link related documents. The tags were identified and added by the site author for each and every record of the database. The boolean and field search features may also be used to narrow down searches.

The site author further plans to write articles about current issues and relevant topics. He is hopeful that the website will be of good use not only to legal researchers but also to other people who seek guidance on civil service matters.