By Atty. Rex R. Ami, Site Author/Manager, October 2, 2016

The site author had been thinking of adding certain user interaction features on the Civil Service Guide website. While he initially intended to make the website less interactive to make it easier to manage, the addition of user interaction features such as commenting can actually help improve the accuracy of the information in the database and provide better guidance to users and researchers.

Through the commenting feature, registered users may point out misspellings, typos, incorrect files, and other encoding and uploading errors in an item or collection. Registered users may also discuss whether an issuance is cited in or already amended or repealed by another issuance, although Civil Service Guide does not warrant the correctness of information or statements that may be mentioned in such discussions.

Only registered users are allowed to post and view comments. Users can register by clicking the corresponding link at the top-right corner of the page and by following the instructions provided. Registration is always subject to the approval and activation by the site administrators.

Users can log in only after their registration is activated. Once logged in, they will be provided, for every selected item or collection, with a form near the bottom of the page where they can type their comments, if any. Comments are not automatically published but are still subject to moderation by the moderators.